Saturday, October 17, 2009

You win some, You lose some...

Hey Everyone!  Sorry I haven't posted in a while - things have been pretty hectic lately and I just haven't had the time to put in a good post!  But I'm back with a few new things I've been working on.

First - Last weekend I had a show. I was really excited for it since I hadn't had a show since August, so I was really pumped to do well.  The weather turned out really nice for Saturday, and the event was packed with people.  But for some reason, nobody was buying!  Lots of wonderful people stopped by my booth and "Oooo'd " & "Ahh'd", but no sales... by mid afternoon, I was starting to get really frustrated, and worried that I wasn't even going to make my booth cost back.  It wasn't just me though - all the other vendors were experiencing the same thing...I ended up with only four sales on Saturday - but thank god for 2 of those sales, which covered my booth cost.  I was even surprised that I could barely get people to put their names in for a free drawing!  I was doing a drawing for these handmade Polymer Clay Pumpkin Earrings:

So I was a little bummed that night, but tried to remain optimistic for Sunday.

So Sunday rolls around, & it's really windy & really cold.  Again, sales were horrible.  It got to the point where I almost wanted to pack it in by mid afternoon.  Again, all the other vendors felt the same way.  I guess you win some, and you lose some... this one was of those losses...

But while sales weren't good, I did meet some really fun and amazing artists in the process.  Hopefully that will be the good thing that comes out of this show - networking.  I'm alway's trying to find the brighter side of things - and so at least I made some friends in the process!  Unfortunatley my two new friends don't have websites to share with you...if and when they get them running, I'll be sure to post them!

One of the women in the booth next to me loved my new Steampunk Style Polymer Clay pieces - I only had a few pieces to show - but she convinced me to really get going in that genre.  She also gave me an awesome idea - using initials and setting the clock faces to the time babies were born!  She insisted that she wanted one when her baby was born... so I seriously considered it and thought it was an awesome idea.  So below, you can see an example piece that I will be displaying in my booth for custom orders.  This is not a baby theme, but an anniversary theme, using the words Love, and the clock is set to my anniversary date:

Here you can see that the clock time is 10:25 - this is my anniversary date!

Both the heart and the Faux Typewriter Keys that spell LOVE are handmade from polymer clay.  I love this design so much - and really hope others do as well!

What else have I been working on you ask???  Well just for fun, I decided to make some leaf masks for my kids for Halloween - they turned out so awesome that I just had to share them with you:


 I am amazed at how awesome they turned out!  After Halloween I think I will put them up on my wall for decoration!

So now I'm focusing on my next shows - I'm planning on one in November and possibly three in December...

I'd really love some comments and feedback this week - maybe let me know about some of your your trials with doing festivals and shows too!


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