Monday, September 28, 2009

Mad Hatter Tea Party

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending my good friend Stacia's Bridal Shower.  The theme was a Mad Hatter Tea Party and we were all to wear hats if we wanted a special prize.  So knowing my group of friends, I knew that they would all be making these extremely awesome hats to wear.  I hadn't really thought about it until 2 days before the shower... so I started scrambling. I knew Stacia would be the Mad Hatter.  I knew my friend Bethany was going as the White Rabbit.  I was flustered trying to think of who else in the story wore hats! Until, Rachel, Stacia's sister said "I don't thing anyone's coming as the Queen of Hearts!"-That's it - I was sold!  Now, how to make a crown???  I wanted something awesome and cute.  So I found a tutorial for mini top hats and crowns at Craftster, D.I.Y.O.D.S. (Do It Your Own Damn Self).  I didn't have enough fabric, so I used card stock and construction paper.  Once I got the basic shape done I was pretty happy with it, though I thought it looked to "kindergarteny".  But I got over it and started to decorate it.  It ended up coming out pretty sweet - and I won the "Most Inventive Hat"!!!  Here's a pic of my hat:
So, then came gift time.  I was especially excited about this part!  I had told Stacia a long time ago that I would try and make some Sushi things out of Polymer Clay for her (she's a big Sushi lover), but never got around to it...this was my perfect opportunity!  So I made some Sushi Magnets out of my Polymer clay and then attached real rice to the outside to make them look more realistic. Let me tell you - attaching the rice was harder than you might think!  I was using this jewel glue type stuff, and it just got all over my fingers and every time I'd try to grab a piece of rice, I'd get huge clumps!  I also ended up with stringy glue all over me - and my apartment! LOL.  So anyway - they ended up turning out really really nice and Stacia just loved them!  See the pic below:
Then to top it all off we got parting gifts of cool, random and different kind of teacups - here's mine:

So all in all it was a very fun, happy and creative type of day.  Thanks for letting me share it with you!

Me & Stacia


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Business Women Online Expo-Shout out to my Top Ten!

I was so amazed when I started looking around all of the shops during the Fall Business Women Online Expo, hosted by Dee of Girls Night Out, and Runako Designs!  Everything was so unique and special! I decided I wanted to give a shout out to my fellow business women so I compiled a list of my Top Ten fave shops here at the Expo.  There was no way I was going to be able to choose a favorite, so I just created a list - along with where you can find them!  Please check out these amazing women!

Runako Designs-Booth#1
Of course I had to put Dee on this list. She created this amazing Expo and showcased the most amazing artisits I've seen in a long time!  Along with it - SHE CREATES BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY!
Here is one of my fave pieces:

Check out her website here:
Check out her Blog here:
Check out her Girls Night Out Blog here:

Catch-A-Star Creations-Booth#8
Sara Kay makes the most beautiful Suncatchers (along with many other beautiful things!)!!!
Here is one of my faves:

Check out her Esty Shop here:
Check out her Blog here:

Dawn Correspondence-Booth#6
Dawn makes beautiful stationary and other paper products.  Seeing her creations convinced me to start sending more Snail Mail!
Here is one of my faves:
I'm partial to Owls, and this is just too cute!
Check out her Esty Shop here:
Check out her Blog here:

Garage Gypsy Jewelry - Booth#16
I love love love this one!I love her use of "different" materials - something I'm getting into myself.  Her photographs are beautiful too!
Here is on of my faves:

Check out her Website here:
Check out her Blog here:

The Seasonal Cottage-Booth#18
I love the Vintage and French style jewelry by Denise. This amazing women has 6 different shops!  How does she do it all????
Here is my fave from her Dion Designs Etsy Shop:

Here is my fave from her Simply French Designs Etsy Shop:

Check out her Blog for ALL HER SHOPS here:

Hershberger & Huff Studios-Booth#21
Beautiful Paintings and Mixed Media Art!!!! Love it!  The also offer a wide variety of Books as well!
Here is one of my faves:

Check out their Etsy Shop here:
Check out their Blog here:

Anne has 3 different shops - ranging from dolls to knits, and some totally awesome vintage stuff.
Here is my fave from her Topsy Turvy Etsy Shop:
Here is my face from her Vintage and Such Etsy Shop:

Vintage magazine
Check out her Blog and other shops here:

Broken China Treasures-Booth#23
I love that she takes broken pieces of china and creats beautiful pendants and jewelry!
Here is my fave:

Check out her Website here:

Evie's Tool Emporium-Booth#17
Evie has tons of tools for tons of differents medias.  She has quality stuff for awesome prices!

Check out her Etsy Shop here:

I love that Jessica is thinking about our Earth!  This is something I have thought about and have been wanting to do for a long time - and I am so happy to see someone putting it into action!  And besides being Eco-Friendly - her jewelry looks amazing!
Here is my fave:

Check out her Blog here:

So!  There were my favorites. It was actually a very hard list to compile as every shop I went to I gave alot of "OOOOO's" and "AHHHH's"!  So even if you didn't make my list - don't feel bad!  You were all amazing!

If you haven't had a chance to take a look around the Expo - THERE'S STILL TIME!!!!
Click the image below to go to the expo now, and check out ALL the shops!

GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Business Women Online Expo - Booth #31

Welcome to Earthbound Creations!  My name is Melissa DelVecchio, designer and owner.
Thanks so much for stopping by my booth today! I hope you enjoy your visit!
Now, lets take a look into Earthbound Creations!

Let me give you a little info on me before we begin.  First and foremost, I am a mom.  I have two beautiful children, Ethan-5 & Joselyn-2.  They are my pride and joy, and everything I do - I do for them!  I have been married for 5 (almost 6!) years to my wonderful husband Joe, whom is my biggest supporter (*aww*).

I have been making jewelry for years, but did not start my business until 2008.  I love beading, and most recently - I LOVE MAKING MY OWN!  Dabbling in Polymer Clay has been my most creative venture yet!

Handcrafted Polymer Clay Slide in Purple and Gold Leave

I usually like to stick to one of a kind pieces.  To be honest - I get bored making the same thing over and over again.  So I usually stick to one per design, but sometimes different color variations like these flower shell bracelets below:

I work with a variety of materials, from shells to stones, glass to wood - and now also, Polymer clay. I have a design (I believe) to match anyones style or personality.  I also do Custom Designs for any occassion, or even just any outfit.  Check out some of the custom designs I've created for people in the past on my website, under Specialty.

I also enjoy taking apart old pieces of jewelry that are broken or just out of date and making them new again.  Check out the Vintage Style dangle earrings that used to be just plain old studs!

Now just for fun, here is one of my all time favorite pieces:

Handcrafted Polymer Clay Faux Opal, atop a Mother of Pearl shell pendant.  Garnished with Genuine Turquoise, Mother of Pearl Shells, Genuine Moonstone and Faux Jade Glass.

So Please - Come visit my website & have a look around!

At this point in time, I am only able to take email orders - SORRY!


Welcome to Earthbound Creations!
Jewelry inspired by nature; created for natural women...

Every woman naturally knows how to:  
-manage life and time better than most jugglers in a 3-ring circus
-shift from super- mom to super-professional faster than the ‘caped crusader’ himself
-be soft and romantic; strong and assertive; and playful and fun – creating the mystery and complexity of our gender.

Every woman also, naturally – from time to time…
-gets stuck in a rut
-needs  a change
-searches for her identity  

Earthbound Creations has a few simple rules made for natural women…

Earthbound Creations Woman Rule #1: 
It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind!
-Earthbound Creations has something for everyone, for every style.

Earthbound Creations Woman Rule #2:  

Women can make jeans and a tee go from casual to chic whenever they want!
-Earthbound Creations has just the jewelry to make the shift in your style without having to change your clothes!

Earthbound Creations Woman Rule #3: 
Never wear plaids with stripes --- why not?!
-Earthbound Creations can match any challenging combinations you create... just ask us.  We'll design custom pieces just for you.

So – go ahead – be yourself; express yourself; create yourself…  
Earthbound Creations can help!