Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome to Earthbound Creations!
Jewelry inspired by nature; created for natural women...

Every woman naturally knows how to:  
-manage life and time better than most jugglers in a 3-ring circus
-shift from super- mom to super-professional faster than the ‘caped crusader’ himself
-be soft and romantic; strong and assertive; and playful and fun – creating the mystery and complexity of our gender.

Every woman also, naturally – from time to time…
-gets stuck in a rut
-needs  a change
-searches for her identity  

Earthbound Creations has a few simple rules made for natural women…

Earthbound Creations Woman Rule #1: 
It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind!
-Earthbound Creations has something for everyone, for every style.

Earthbound Creations Woman Rule #2:  

Women can make jeans and a tee go from casual to chic whenever they want!
-Earthbound Creations has just the jewelry to make the shift in your style without having to change your clothes!

Earthbound Creations Woman Rule #3: 
Never wear plaids with stripes --- why not?!
-Earthbound Creations can match any challenging combinations you create... just ask us.  We'll design custom pieces just for you.

So – go ahead – be yourself; express yourself; create yourself…  
Earthbound Creations can help!


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