Monday, September 28, 2009

Mad Hatter Tea Party

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending my good friend Stacia's Bridal Shower.  The theme was a Mad Hatter Tea Party and we were all to wear hats if we wanted a special prize.  So knowing my group of friends, I knew that they would all be making these extremely awesome hats to wear.  I hadn't really thought about it until 2 days before the shower... so I started scrambling. I knew Stacia would be the Mad Hatter.  I knew my friend Bethany was going as the White Rabbit.  I was flustered trying to think of who else in the story wore hats! Until, Rachel, Stacia's sister said "I don't thing anyone's coming as the Queen of Hearts!"-That's it - I was sold!  Now, how to make a crown???  I wanted something awesome and cute.  So I found a tutorial for mini top hats and crowns at Craftster, D.I.Y.O.D.S. (Do It Your Own Damn Self).  I didn't have enough fabric, so I used card stock and construction paper.  Once I got the basic shape done I was pretty happy with it, though I thought it looked to "kindergarteny".  But I got over it and started to decorate it.  It ended up coming out pretty sweet - and I won the "Most Inventive Hat"!!!  Here's a pic of my hat:
So, then came gift time.  I was especially excited about this part!  I had told Stacia a long time ago that I would try and make some Sushi things out of Polymer Clay for her (she's a big Sushi lover), but never got around to it...this was my perfect opportunity!  So I made some Sushi Magnets out of my Polymer clay and then attached real rice to the outside to make them look more realistic. Let me tell you - attaching the rice was harder than you might think!  I was using this jewel glue type stuff, and it just got all over my fingers and every time I'd try to grab a piece of rice, I'd get huge clumps!  I also ended up with stringy glue all over me - and my apartment! LOL.  So anyway - they ended up turning out really really nice and Stacia just loved them!  See the pic below:
Then to top it all off we got parting gifts of cool, random and different kind of teacups - here's mine:

So all in all it was a very fun, happy and creative type of day.  Thanks for letting me share it with you!

Me & Stacia


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